Fields of application

Heating plants

High efficiency plate heat exchangers for the heating systems of new conception that use solar panels, condensing boilers, heat pumps.

Tap water production

Plate heat exchangers for the production of tap hot water directly and indirectly, with high efficiency and the maximization of the thermal heads.

Swimming pool water heating

Plate heat exchangers with materials suitable for different waters that feed the pools, from fresh to thermal or sea water.

Heat recovery

In every industry the primary need has become the maximum heat recovery and minimal wastage of energy for yield optimization of industrial processes. The PHE is a key component for these purposes.

Oil cooling and heating

In the field of oil-hydraulics the plate heat exchanger, due to its high exchange efficiency, is a critical component for the heat exchange in oil applications.

District heating and cooling

The PHE is a critical component in district heating or cooling, both in the central-plant and to the physical separation of the users from the distribution network.

Food applications

In the food sector the PHE is a key element in the process of pasteurization, heating and cooling of the food fluids. For this sector exchangers will be made entirely of stainless steel.

Mounting of a plate heat exchanger


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